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'Walk the Talk' - I Cannot be Untrue

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

A mother accompanied by her young son came to meet the Indian Saint, Baba Farid ji.

The woman pleaded, "Babaji, my son consumes an excessive amount of sweets, and I want him to stop. But he does not listen to me. Please I beg you, to scold him, or bless him with some common sense and get him to stop eating so much sugar."

Babaji asked the woman to return in a months time.

The woman could not understand why a person of Baba ji's fame and stature needed a month's time to simply speak to and convince her son.

Dejected, she went home and returned as advised a month later.

Upon their return, Baba ji called the lad close to him and said in a gentle voice, "I too am fond of sweets and indulge myself thoroughly in consuming it in good quantity. After you and your mother came last time I realised that my craving for sweets is not a good thing. So after you left I virtually stopped eating sweets. I lost quite a bit of excess weight, I feel much healthier. The rashes and boils that used to erupt on my skin have all but disappeared. I believe you too should reduce your intake of sugar because it will be good for you"

"Had your mother not brought you here to me, I would never have reduced my sugar intake. I am grateful to you and your mother for helping me realise and to overcome this bad habit of mine", Baba ji added.

The boy bowed to and touched Farid ji's feet as a sign of obeisance to a master, and said, "I promise you I shall do as you say."

The mother was flabbergasted.

How could this rebellious and difficult boy agree so willingly after just a brief chat?

Why would her son a Hindu not only obey but with such reverence bow down to Baba Farid a Muslim?

Her son replied, "You always force me to do things that you yourself are not willing to do. Here Baba ji has given up sugar for my sake. I bowed to him for I have found a master, someone who is truly great and noble. Thank you for bringing me to Baba ji. "

Secondly she asked Babaji. "Do you know from how far I came to see you? Could you not have said the same thing a month earlier?"

Baba ji, said, "I could not say it, for I would be speaking an untruth. When I myself consume much sweets, how can I advise anyone else to stop? Your son has provided me a great learning and helped me transcend my craving for sweets. I thank you for coming to me along with your son."

This story has a powerful lesson for us not only in our personal lives but also in our social and professional lives. Remember, credibility and trust are earned by trustworthy actions and manner.


Baba Farid

Khwaja Fariduddin Masud Ganjshakar popularly known as Baba Farid and Sheikh Farid (1173–1266) a Sufi saint who lived in the Punjab region of India.

A Muslim by birth he believed in the faith of love and universal brotherhood which attracted both Hindus and Muslim followers. He is greatly revered by the Sikhs and his teachings are enshrined along with those of the noble Sikh Gurus in the holy book Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

I am grateful to Baba Ishwar Singh ji of Onkareshwar Ashram, Dheradun for these words of wisdom


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