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By our very nature, we are irrational

We put too much emphasis on modern education. Its actually mass education, a programming of people to think and feel identically.

In this case, greatly enhanceable natural human intelligence is suppressed. This human intelligence is replaced by vast amounts of data and information and a bias, to produce an intellectual.

The human brain is a complex thing. For purpose of this article we will classify it into two parts.

A modern brain . (frontal cortex) is responsible for problem solving, memory, language, judgment, impulse control, and reasoning.

A primal brain (hindbrain and medulla) which is responsible for survival, drive, and instinct.

People seem to forget that what we now learn in decades by human intervention and learning to create the rational and intellectual mind called the modern brain. This modern brain is constantly pitted against the a primal brain that has helped us to

survive and evolve over a very long period of a million years.

Under tyrannical, enslaved, forced or dictatorial regimes, people simply do as they are told, simply to avoid punishment and even death. Now in genuine democracies, people can freely choose what they want. So they choose on basis of emotions born out of the primal brain and making almost no rational choices or facts.

There are two things that defy rationality and logic. They are religion and politics.

When the two are combined they make a dangerous and toxic brew.

Successful politicians and religious leaders appeal to the primal brain. They highlight threats and throw in greed which are the two key factors that compels people to blindly follow them. Scare and bribe them and you will grab them by their bodies, minds and hearts.

Then in a self reinforcing cycle, once the appeal is successful the masses choose a leader that caters to their primal brain. Since it s a successful marriage of leaders and followers, the two nurture each other and common sense becomes uncommon and everything becomes irrational.

Modern society rewards people with modern brains. Intellectuals have risen to the top of society as economists, professors, academicians, media personalities, bureaucrats, business and social leaders etc. all occupying the top echelons of society. Yet they often get it wrong when trying to lead people.

We have to look no further than within our own lives and we will see that we always choose on basis of instinct and emotions and then justify it on basis of suitable 'facts' (data, incidents, proofs) to buttress our decisions and choices.

This is why we are usually irrational. For confirmation, look no further than politics and organised religion.


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