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We need more religion

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Religion is but great truths, revealed to us, by genuine Gurus, Murshids and Prophets. Religion embraces everyone, never rejecting anyone. True religion teaches us to be compassionate and respect all creatures never causing intentional hurt to anyone or anything, except to protect ourselves. These true masters united and enriched the lives of people, everywhere.

Religion was born to to help us mortals to live in harmony with ourselves, our fellow creatures, other humans and with that all pervasive inexplicable energy that we commonly refer to as God.

Yet, after thousands of years and billions of followers, religion has achieved little of what the masters set out to do. In fact religion has a nasty track record measured against every measure of goodness.

Religion has rarely liberated anyone, rather it has oppressed, condemned and destroyed hundreds of million of lives, disrespected humanity, and creation and even we ourselves.

"Religion was born to protect people and make them better. Now people protect religion and make themselves and others bitter."

Why the disconnect between Masters and humanity?

Why has something born so wonderful, turned into something so ugly and terrible?

The blame lies at the feet of Man not religion, nor the Masters.

Men have made religion so complex, that ordinary humans cannot understand it and thus they are compelled to blindly submit to the custodians of 'religious truth', the priestly class and the aristocratic class. It is often their abuse of the exalted positions they occupy that humanity has developed a great distaste for religion.

If one truly seeks the truth, also called as 'God', called by millions of names, in thousands of tongues, then one will find the divine in everyone and everything. One will not seek to harm or dominate anyone else.

The biggest case against religion are its practitioners. The greatest enemy of religion are the priestly class and majority of the followers. They set such an extremely bad example that they have tainted religion, possibly beyond redemption.

The increasing divorce of man and traditional religion has driven Man to introduce new religions and Gods, for Man cannot live without worship.

Unfortunately pursuit and practice of these new religions and their Gods called by numerous names such as media stars, sports personalities, fashion models, democracy, socialism, capitalism, GDP, wealth without purpose, consumption, gluttony, etc. have made things even worse.

We need more, not less religion. We need the religion of the divine, not of man.


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0474


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