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What is not audited, is not done.

Long running successful organisations and even families that become great are, to put it simply 'well organised'.

One of the most important aspects of being organised is to have some guidelines to do things. These guidelines are called by a number of names, but we can generally call them 'Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)'

SOPs transcend the individual, subordinating the individual to the organisation. The individual adjusts himself or herself to the organisation and not vice versa. Using well thought our SOPs, makes organisational working efficient and effective.

Many organisations adopt SOPs and yet face problems. In most cases a random audit will reveal that the SOPs are either not followed, even if followed there are numerous non compliances..

One has to remember a golden rule of management, 'What is not audited is not done'.

  1. The only way to prevent such a serious lapse is to do the following.

  2. Periodically audit the SOPs for non compliance.

  3. Identify and list all non compliances.

  4. Discuss with responsible person as to causes of non compliance. If caused by human negligence then give them reasonable ASAP (as soon as possible) time to comply. If the SOP is not possible to implement or comply with then, review the SOP.


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