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Creativity, Innovation and Solving Problems

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Where /How do you get your ideas?

People often ask me, "Where /How do you get your ideas?

They do not want to know my sources, or the basis, as much as they are curious about how my mind, imagination and creative instincts work to come up with thoughts, concepts and solutions.

I never thought about this before. The simple answer was, 'I don't know'.

But I felt compelled to discover the answer for myself.


Our mind functions in fascinating and abstract ways and thus creativity and innovation cannot result from the usual step by step sequence of effort.

Ideas emerge only under certain circumstances.

The essential ingredients

1. A curious nature, more curious the better.

2. A genuine seeker.

3. An open mind

The process.

Our challenges and problems, our desires and concerns lie in our conscious mind.

In the subconscious reside our values, beliefs, hopes, fears, and aspirations. It is here where all our learning and experiences are stored.

Creativity, innovation and finding meaningful solutions to our problems occur when the intelligence in the Subconscious rises up to pair with the challenges nagging the Conscious mind.

The subconscious is the shy but very deep part of our being.

Silence and reflection are key for ideas and thoughts to rise up from the subconscious to the surface and our seeking conscious mind where we can grasp them. Thus generating answers, solutions, ideas and a fresh stream of thoughts.

Some people get their ideas in the shower, others during a walk, in the park, while gardening, driving etc. It is always when one is alone.

The trigger.

Almost anything can be a trigger, my triggers come from a number of sources. Something I have read, heard or seen an article, a quote, a graphic, or an experience with people or situations.

Wow! Then a connection is made.

The capture

When they first bubble up to the surface the thoughts and ideas are somewhat fuzzy and disconnected.

Its helpful to make notes not during but immediately after the bubbling up of thoughts.

Making notes during the emerging stage disrupts the flow of thoughts and

can extinguish the sparks.

Unlike all other work, creativity cannot be achieved merely by more effort.

Creativity is somewhat like farming.

Constantly prepare the soil with learning, experiences and an open mind. Fertilise it constantly with wonder. Then when desired seed it with questions, challenges and then wait.

When the atmosphere is permitted to be conducive, shoots of ideas will emerge. Treat all thoughts and ideas that emerge alike and like guests. Receive them gracefully without judgment neither embracing nor rejecting them. Respectfully just make a note of them all.

After a while, the thoughts will crystallise into good ideas and solutions.

Realisation has dawned, that, 'Whatever I am seeking is also seeking me.'


The questions people asked me gave me the idea, to design a seminar, 'Enhancing your creativity & ability to Solve Problems.'

Transmission and Implementation

We all get ideas and thoughts from time to time.

Often a great idea or solution does not succeed because of several reasons.

1. The idea is not fleshed out properly.

2. Most stakeholders will usually resist and will have to be coped with.

3. Improper timing of presentation of the idea.

4. Inappropriate forum/platform for expression of the idea.

5. Poor implementation.

These points, my dear readers, are the topics of other articles I have written and I will post in due course of time. Alternately you can attend my seminar.


From my seminar on 'Enhancing your creativity & ability to solve problems'

We are all born creative, the challenge is remaining creative as we grow up and become part of a family, an organisation, or society at large. One need not be disheartened for one never loses one's creativity, we just suppress it.

To facilitate development of these and other traits, Guru Wonder conducts a one day program on 'Enhancing your creativity & ability to solve problems'

Contact :

Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353


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