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Why the Russians have not attacked Zelensky personally?

Desperate for positive change, the people of Europe's most corrupt country, the Ukrainians in 2019 voted into Presidential office, Volodymyr Zelensky. A young charismatic actor and comedian with no former political experience nor criminal record offered an appealing alternative to be a leader of Ukraine.

Sometimes leaders are born and sometimes they are manufactured almost out of thin air. Zelensky a real man, but an artificial political and military leader. He is completely a media creation. Western leaders and media indulging in hyperbole hail him as another Winston Churchill.

Western politicians and important officials including head of states or institution like EU etc. under instruction from the American Deep State have made and continue to undertake the ritual pilgrimage to kiss the ring of Zelensky, to pledge fealty, funds and arms to Kiev and the Ukraine war effort.

The Ukrainian tail wags the European dog, This meekness is shocking and perplexing.

Even when Kiev openly insulted Western leaders they continued to support Kiev. Take for example the Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba who publicly and often insulted his benefactors the Germans, even calling Chancellor Olaf Scholz 'a surly German sausage'. The Germans in response sent more money and arms to Ukraine without murmur.

The billion rouble question is 'Why Russia with all their intelligence networks and precision missile attack capabilities not sought to take out Zelensky in a decapitating move?'

The reality is that the Russians want Zelensky to stay on as long as possible.

Zelensky provides the Russians their best opportunity of achieving their political and military goals. A corrupt, incompetent charismatic puppet remaining at the helm of Ukraine's government is a gift to the Russians.

The West has invested heavily their reputations and resources in Ukraine and Zelensky as the superhero leader. They cannot withdraw from their stated position without losing their individual and national reputation.

So the world is stuck with Zelensky and the Ukraine conflict until Ukraine runs out of men and equipment. People across the world will bleed and suffer, but Ukrainians followed by the Russians the most. Or until Ukraine itself seizes to exist.

The West will simply dust of their clothes and move on, but they might be surprised to discover that an imploding Europe has impoverished itself and its people, with loss of global prestige and both EU and NATO struggling to remain relevant or even survive.


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