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Worthy Master, Unready Disciple.

We want the best Master for ourselves. We rarely ask if we are capable and worthy of absorbing what the Master has to offer.

I provide two examples of why it is essential to progress step by step to download the best and the maximum of what the Master has to offer.

Electric power is generated at power plants far from where we use it. It is usually transmitted at a high voltage of 128,000 or even 256,000 Volts. The power arrives at a main substation where the electricity is downloaded to 33,000 Volts before being transmitted to a local transformer where it is downloaded at 440 Volts to arrive at our homes for use at 220 Volts eventually.

Now imagine the Guru is like that power plant operating at that very high level and we the individuals operating at a low level suddenly plug into the Master's energy.

We will be burnt into a cinder.

It is best that we seek a Master starting with our parents, then progressively our siblings, relatives, teachers, associates, and then other masters, constantly raising our standard and level. We then progress through a series of masters to attain the level and capacity to absorb the energy, and wisdom of a Grand Master that we seek.

Unfortunately, we want immediate results and grow impatient with our progress if any. Then we blame everyone and everything else except ourselves.

We have to remember that knowledge comes quickly, but wisdom lingers.


Prayer & Celebration at the Commissioning of a production Press in our factory at Pune

Let me share with you another example.

In 1989 in pursuit of becoming professionally World-Class we visited Japan seeking a technology partner to enhance our technical capabilities. During the 10 days of our stay, we visited several companies that were much more productive and advanced than ourselves.

Then we arrived in Tokyo where a leading company in our field, advised us not to seek any technology transfer at present but to come back in 5 years after preparing ourselves.

We were shocked to learn that an Indian Company considered the leader in our industry had already signed a technology assistance program with the Japanese Company four years earlier.

They said, "We were paid a US$ 1 million fee for a 5-year partnership program, but we are sad and disappointed to inform you that the Indian company could not take any advantage of our training, experience, knowledge and suggestions......"

Progress cannot come to an unready individual or organisation.

We must be a worthy disciple before we seek a Great Master.


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