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You cannot demand love, but ....

The end objective of communication, is to trigger action in others.

We are driven by emotion more than rationality.

If we want people to act, we can persuade them by giving them pleasure of positive strokes or we can drive them through giving them discomfort.

To bring about positive feelings take long and require great effort, but they are usually irreversible. Negative feelings are quick, require little effort and are usually irreversible.


From my book and Seminar on 'Effective Communication & Conversation'

We are all trying to sell something. An idea, a product, an emotion, an instruction. Whatever it may be, it involves communication and conversation.

To facilitate development of these vital skills, Guru Wonder conducts a one and two day program on 'Effective Communication & Conversation' for leaders.

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Telephone:  +91 957 951 0353


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