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You want to see God?

Updated: May 12, 2019

Tegh Vir Singh

Tegh Vir Singh, our year old grandson gets his bath in style. He is attended to and entertained like a prince as he frolics in the water. He is usually accompanied by his little rubber and plastic toys.

The advantage of the bathroom is that one can usually enjoy complete privacy.

What a rare thing privacy has become?

Once while taking a shower, out of curiousity, I picked up the rubber duck and elephant lying on the shelf.

What started off as an enquiry, soon blossomed into joyful and childlike play.

Its fascinating the way we behave when we believe that no one is watching and hence judging us. A few minutes later I felt a bit foolish, but I soon abandoned my thoughts in favour of my heart.

As I played I pondered, "Why do we seek to grow up so fast? When did I lose my innocence?" There is much we can learn from very young children. Life is joyful and is for living in the moment.

This is exactly what sages eventually seek, to be child like, carefree, pure and innocent. To abandon the past and not worry about the future, but to be simply aware and exist in the moment. No baggage no strings just 'I' and the Creator/Creation.

The child within us, has been locked up by the barriers we have erected within our selves. If we want to live a harmonious and yet successful life, all we have to do is to lower these barriers and let the child out.

Want to experience God?

Look at a small child.

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