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A World of Beggars

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Everyone is fully entitled to choose his or her own path. But how do we know whether we are on the right path?

We will know we are travelling on the right path and direction when we are respectful of and at peace with oneself, and progressing to realise our full worldly and spiritual potential.

Our lives are ultimately defined and measured by our own selves, and concepts like peace, potential, happiness, contentment and success are purely experiential. They belong exclusively to the being who experiences them and cannot be given or made known or transferred by or to the other.

If there be peace of mind, unity of purpose, respect and love in our hearts, there will be no need for agreement or disagreement for ignorance will disappear in the sun light of real knowledge and wisdom.

We are beggars when we seek approval and applause from others. Approval seeking, reflects our ignorance and insecurity. Sadly it seems much of the world has become a society of beggars, each one wanting and begging for attention and approval for everything we do.

All questions and answers of the real Self, lie within each being. And when we identify and realise our true Self we stop being beggars. We automatically become respectful and sincere. We become emperors who do not need to seek approval of others. We may disagree but are never disagreeable, always thoughtful but never timid.

Disagreements are natural for no one individual can know all worldly things, therefore we should be authentic in our ignorance but not in our knowledge. We can only know ourselves, and if we do that we will truly be free, for we will not be beggars but emperors.


Extracted from my Book 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness.'

This article is based on my interaction with Shri. Pattabhiraman Suryanarayanan and to him I owe my gratitude.

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