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Avoid Toxicity to be Peaceful and Happy

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

To protect our bodies we do not eat or drink toxic things, we also do not permit poisonous creatures and things to come near our body. But what about our minds and beings? Do we realise how harmful toxic people and thoughts can be to our happiness and peace of mind?

Here are some thoughts based upon my own experiences.

We humans, because of the higher, faster development and evolution of the human mind have come to dominate our world and all other creatures on earth.

This is both a boon and a tragedy.

We now live materially more comfortable, than ever before.

The evolved human mind has given us the arts, and science, spirituality and philosophy, technology and productivity, safety and security, all helping us to cope better and more effectively with our fellow beings, other creatures and nature in general.

Throughout history the rate at which we could stimulate and develop the mind was limited by the sources and rate of information being sent our way. Now, because we have technology and more people broadcasting, thoughts, data, information, rules, gossip, entertainment etc. the same human mind is becoming somewhat dysfunctional, being inundated by an explosion of information.

The tragedy that has befallen humanity is, that there is so much information overload, we know much but understand little, that is why one can witness the phenomenal rise of zombies. That is the bulk of humanity operating at the lowest level of intelligence and human potential and at the highest possible levels of artificial intelligence and natural stupidity.

What then should one do to avail of the blessings of our evolution and escape its negatives?

I can't tell anyone what to do, but I can share what I do.

I have evolved a philosophy to continuously receive and discard information and thoughts. I believed I was rather unique until I learnt that I was 2500 years late.

‘‘The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror; it grasps nothing; it refuses nothing; it receives, but does not keep.” ~ Chuang-tzu (4th Century B.C.E Chinese philosopher.)

Toxicity is injected into our lives by way of communication channels and people.

So, I avoid poison, and those that dish it out. It is impossible to know at first, but whenever one discovers or senses sources and purveyors of drivel, negativity, disrespect, toxicity I simply block or avoid them.

If this solution is so simple then why do many of us keep on receiving and retaining crushing loads of information, much of it useless, irrelevant and toxic?

'FOMO' (fear of missing out), is the leading cause of people addicted to stay connected and be informed.

As a result humanity in general rather than progressing is regressing. That explains, why the number one employer in the world today are the 'helping professions', people helping other people to cope. Cope with what?

The unnecessary, unwanted, nonsense and the inconsequential.

By not straining and polluting the mind and memory, one realises greater capacity in one's intelligence and intellectual capabilities. More importantly the refusal to burden the mind permits reflection, contemplation, and meditation leading to the healthy evolution of the self, enabling us to be more successful and happy yet peaceful.

Is this transformation and realisation universally possible or is it only for the lucky few?

All creatures watch and guard what they value most.

Living an increasingly material existence, we journey the entire external world guarding our non living, non sustaining possessions often ignoring the most fundamental things that sustain and define us, our minds and our spirit.

We like to think of the mind as a powerful computer in our brain. In fact the mind exists in every living cell of our body, continuously receiving inputs processing data and delivering outputs that allow us not only to survive but thrive.

Like all living things, our mind must be provided nutrition and energy while protecting it from toxins and damage. Not only reduce our exposure to toxic thoughts but also negative people.

If we are not careful we will land up permitting these toxic people to envelop us in their toxicity.

Therefore I not only guard my being and mind more than my possessions. I let thoughts and people flow through me rarely allowing them to possess me.


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