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Challenging the Challenger

The first sign of a 'Jigyasu' or seeker, is that one possesses courage. The willingness to accept being rebuffed, scoffed, rebuked and even ridiculed. Also the courage to accept that one may even be wrong.

So as to discover, learn and evolve , an individual goes through a process. First the individual has to think and contemplate. Then to test those thoughts and ideas one shares and engages with others. Then finally implement that learning that has been achieved.

An evolving being without intentionally meaning to, naturally pushes the limits, challenging what is considered 'normal'.

It is to be expected that anyone who challenges the 'normal', that is, makes a claim, or offers an opinion, in fact anyone who does or says anything, is a natural and legitimate target for being themselves challenged.

My writing, speaking and social intercourse exposes me to a wide spectrum of people ranging from wise and blissful people to toxic and negative individuals.

Some responses are interesting and useful, others not as much. As has become my nature I calmly, patiently, respectfully and objectively engage with all responders. My reward is that every engagement teaches me something and helps me evolve.

I have discovered that challengers can be of various types and have to be responded to appropriately.

Shout and noisily drown out the challenger.

This is the way adopted by the mob. People afflicted by brain washing, mass hysteria and paranoia. Both mass and social media also indulge in this with gusto.

Threaten to go on a rampage and even destroy the challenger.

This is the preferred way of ideologists, dictatorial rulers, religious zealots, certain political groups, and criminals.

Ridicule or discredit the challenger.

This is often used by intellectuals, the well read, but unawakened people. Its a favourite technique of media and misguided academicians.

Discuss, debate and respond with clarifications

This approach is used by the genuine seeker, who is therefore open hence deferential and respectful to others and their views.

Ignore the challenger.

This is the approach adopted by both the coward and the wise.


One thing is for certain, that one will sometimes encounter toxic individuals. Like a poisonous creature, they will try to inject their venom into the challenger.

The only way to win with such people is not to simply not play their game.


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