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Cherish your child, don’t curse God.

Once while accompanying my spiritual guide Baba Ishwar Singh Ji in Ratnagiri, India, we walked past a home, where we heard wailing and crying from within.

As we gazed into the home we saw lying in the courtyard the corpse of a young boy, who had died by drowning. Surrounded by a small group, the mother hovered over her son's body and kept cursing God saying "You are a fraud, you are wretched and evil, you have stolen my only son from me, ......"

Babaji walked up to her and after standing there for a while, then spoke to the lady in a soothing voice, "You say God took your son? But his body lies here right in front of you."

"You gave birth to his body and his body over which you have claim, has been returned to you. The One who gave him his soul his life has taken it back to send it on his next journey."

"Don't grudge God for what is His. Have faith, have courage.

At this hour I sympathise with you, please don't curse God and don't blame others for it will make you a bitter person.

Cherish and honour the Divine, cherish and honour your child and let him go, to proceed unhindered and unbound on his journey. May God bless you."

The lady fell at Babaji's feet and begged for forgiveness for her rage and utterances against one and all and God.

This incident provides a powerful lesson.

It explains the fragility of life and the temporary nature of our existence. To help us understand the greater scheme of things and Universal Order (known as Dharma) and assist people to cope with their grief and come to terms with their loss.


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