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Days eat up our life

Our individual and collective existence can be broken into two parts, the material world and the spiritual world. The material world is of creatures, and things. Quantifiable and easy to sense, the material world is the world of decay and hence perishables.

The material world is finite, it has a starting point and an end point and time to achieve anything is limited. Time is opportunity, time is money, time is power etc. In the material world time is vital to achieve success. Therefore no plan nor effort can be nor should be put off for achieving success.

This helps explain why successful people tend to be impatient, abrupt and busy, because they are energetic go-getters who value time.

It may be noted that while success usually gives us satisfaction, maybe even pride but it cannot give us happiness.

Then there is the spiritual world, the world of unknowns and unknowable, it is the energy of all existence, flowing through all beings and things.

Everything in the world of spirituality is energy, energy which is neither possible to create nor destroy just changing all the time its form and manifestations. This is why it is appropriate to consider that we are never born and never do we die. We are just energy appearing in a body which moves on when the body dies.

The spiritual world in which we exist is an infinite existence.

It is easy to get confused between seeking and achieving success and realising happiness.

If one wants to succeed, one has to be conscious of how innocently and stealthily, days eat our life. So it becomes necessary to make haste.

If one wants to be happy one has to merely resonate with the universe which is in no hurry and merely enjoy the passage of time.


Extracted from my book, 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

Written and Posted: March 2023 ~ by Gurvinder Singh

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