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Difference between men and Women

Men are by nature merely indifferent to one another, but women are by nature enemies.

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Generally speaking, men are indifferent to one another. This is unless they sense a threat to themselves, their mates and family or their wealth.

Women on the other hand are by nature hostile to one another even to the point of being enemies.

This is highly visible in many joint families and households where people have more than one wife. I grew up with my Uncle and his two wives, all living under one roof, and I have observed all this first-hand.


Unfortunately, the increasing migration of people to nuclear families and individualism from strong families stresses and strains us humans.

Societies are fast reaching a breaking point causing social implosions. This can only cause the collapse of societies and civilisations.

The subject is important because the fundamental building block of a society is the family and not merely the individual.

If family leaders can maintain strong bonds between members despite differences, they will succeed and thrive socially. However, to achieve this they need to appreciate the fundamental differences and commonalities between and amongst the genders.

Successful families and societies are those that are those that are,

  • United in purpose and concerns,

  • where the roles and responsibilities of family members and the hierarchy is understood and appreciated by all family members,

  • where the physical, intellectual and emotional distance between men draws nearer,

  • where females are accorded appropriate physical and emotional distance from one another.

Such families will thrive.

Interestingly, the same guidelines are applicable to achieve success in family-owned businesses even if they are run by professionals.


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