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Don't be afraid of enemies

Everyone is looking for something in the other, and like the Musk Deer we will run here and there. Relentlessly across our world we will travel, eating, working, fighting, mating, praying, searching for the unattainable.

We will leave this world just as we came into it, alone.

During this journey we constantly make and break relationships sometimes by design and sometimes by chance.

We humans are the most advanced and intelligent primates. We often use cunning and sophistication to get what we want while expending the least amount of energy and in the least confrontational way. Violence is the way of the beast, guile and flattery is the way chosen by the more sophisticated man or woman.

Positive strokes and reinforcement motivates people to do better and attracts them to us. Flattery, however is different from complimenting. While the latter is genuine the former is meant to deceive, disarm and manipulate the other.

Its because many of us carry so many doubts about ourselves that flattery often misleads us, and since our friends are in our inner circle of confidence they can support us. But the people who pretend to be friends are most dangerous and their favourite weapon of choice is flattery.


Excerpts from my upcoming book ~ 'Finding Success and Happiness'

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