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Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.

To continuously seek improvement is an intrinsic human quality. To be able to do is however altogether another matter. So man can only try.

Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we do not.

Success breeds not only success, it often breeds its ugly cousin, arrogance.

Failure on the other hand can be debilitating. So many of us do not even try, lest we fall from grace, both in our own eyes and in the eyes of the world. Failure is often punished and attracts retribution.

If an individual or group has never made a mistake, then we can be reasonably certain that they have never tried to improve nor done anything different. Such people will get fossilised and will in matter of time fall behind and may even become extinct.

Success is the ability to go from setbacks to setback without loss of enthusiasm while constantly learning, correcting and improving. In fact all success is based upon previous setbacks.

Setbacks always precedes success, in fact setbacks are a prerequisite for success.

Setbacks are never fatal, unless we permit them to become so.

In case of a setback we will fall down, but we can always stand up again, dust ourselves off and hit the road again.

A setback becomes a failure, when we give up, when we fall down and stay down.

If we want to succeed, we cannot permit a setback to become a failure.


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