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Happiness is ..

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Happiness is, 'Just enjoying the passage of time'

Our Grandsons

Ask most people 'what they want from life?'. They will usually say 'they want to be happy.'

Inspite of this great yearning, happiness eludes most of us. Maybe we try too hard to be happy. Like chasing our own shadow, whatever we get does not satisfy us, because it is not real.

In our desire to be happy we run from pillar to post. We have erroneously learnt the wrong lessons, that people, things and possessions will make us happy. That status, money and influence will lift the gloom that shadows many of us.

'Consume, exploit, discard, and hoard to be be happy'. This is the constant din of modern society.

Yet at the end of the day we often feel unfulfilled and somewhat cheated.

Happiness does not exist outside of ourselves. Only we can make ourselves happy.

Happiness is not an object or a goal. Happiness is a state of existence, a state of being.

Happiness is most visible during the stage of childhood. Where innocence envelops us. The child unperturbed by the past and unconcerned about the future lives in the present. That is why children are happy just enjoying the passage of time.

While we teach our children about life, they are teaching us, what life is all about.


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Guru Wonder
Guru Wonder
Apr 21, 2019

Thank you. You Summed it up beautifully.


The picture of your grandsons says it all.. we adults are too self-conscious

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