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Respecting the right to worship

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Because we seek the meaning of our existence outside of ourselves, we humans have not realised our own potential and our own divinity.

Rarely if ever looking within ourselves, wherein our soul is the same as that which encompasses the entire universe.

That is why we humans need someone or something to worship.

Our arrogance and unlimited desire to dominate, does not allow us to accept that others have essentially the same desire but expressed differently. That is why more blood has been shed and destruction wrought in the name of religion than any other cause.

Every individual is inherently born free.

However with the passage of time we get shackled by some individuals or institutions to them through some ideology or the other. The more sophisticated the ideology the more tactfully are individuals robbed of their individuality. Crude ideologies impose rather than convince and seduce.

Freedom and liberty essentially means that individuals have the right to choose, as long as it does not intentionally harm others. In essence liberty is the right to be wrong.

Philosophies are realised, ideologies are imposed.

If an idea or thought has to be implemented using mainly fear, it will be unsustainable as many ideologies, religions and belief systems have discovered to their dismay.

All empires eventually crumble under the strain of imposition and fear.

The best of humanity can flower only in free societies.

There is too much talk about tolerance and intolerance, and that misses the entire point for we need respect for the other not tolerance.

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Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh
Mar 26, 2021


Thank you for your deep and valuable insights

I am writing a follow up article based on my meditation and new learning, which should provide some greater perspective than what I have written here.


We all come from the same "source" (read: Universe/God/Gods/Allah/Matrix/Etc.) and we are all the same and one.

However, the source split up in tiny bits of souls/spirits (I call them spirits). And each spirit that inhabits a human, animal or plant body experiences a material world. Either plant Earth, or another "3rd World/Materialistic world".

So, I am not Wendy who is an IT/Website/Design person, who works so many hours a week, both parents are gone, but I am married to lovely man, etc etc etc. I am a spirit who happens to be called Wendy, and has all these experiences on planet Earth.

When it is time for my body to die, I will go back to the source and…

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