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Never seek to blame others

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

The recent elections threw up interesting lessons, mostly on how not to respond to failure.

To find lasting solutions and bounce back from a failure, its essential to attack problems not people. The easiest, but also the worst way for leaders to respond is, to blame others and find scapegoats.

Blame may quench our anger, by hurting someone else for our failures, however it is almost always counterproductive. By distancing ourselves from the problem we eliminate the possibility to effect improvement, resolve the problem or correct the situation.

For those leaders and organisations that have been honest in their analysis and admissions of failure, there is hope. For those who merely blame others, there is little chance of survival leave alone improvement.

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. When we accept responsibility we seize the opportunity to change ourselves and effect improvement. When we blame others we see no need to change ourselves, rather others must be changed or eliminated.

When people do not accept responsibility it is an indication that they value themselves more than they do their organisations or their proclaimed ideals. In such situations the leadership may survive but the organisation unlikely.

There are no bad people, only bad leaders.


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