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Religion, is about emotion, not knowledge.

As I sat there listening to Gurbani Kirtan, (hymns), I was transported to another dimension, an inexplicable, wonderful, time and space. Overcome with emotion, tears rolled down my cheeks, I could not hold them back. Tears have salt, just as do the oceans, that is why, we shed tears when we connect with Creation.

The Guru's message carried on the waves of music, and melodious voice, engulfed my entire being with a great calm yet I felt awake and alive.

When the minstrels finished singing, the priest began offering their prayers, and the emotional state partly receded. After the program ended, society invaded the serenity with the chatter of wealth, business, society, family, politics and gossip. It felt that we emerged from the congregation almost untouched.

Without any decree by government or priests, without wealth, power or position, without family and friends, the religious experience had elevated my soul, only to have society drag me back.

An awakening reveals that religion helps, if the message goes to the heart rather than the mind.

Tranquility within myself and the harmony of my existence with the universe could be realised.

Bha Kuldeep Singh ji and companion

Unfortunately we have become too intellectual.

We think we know a lot merely by reading, analysing and dissecting, but we know little unless we feel something.

The mind which was to serve the being has become our master. Not only is the mind a master it is a terrible and fickle master.

Emotions allows us to plumb the depths and explore ourselves, and that is why religion is so essential.

Through music, singing, poetry and dancing, religion which touches our spirit makes us childlike, wondrous, compassionate, loving, trusting, friendly and respectful.

This is the one and only true Religion as brought to us by countless Gurus and Masters called by thousands of names. This is the religion of the Divine and each and everyone of us is capable of experiencing it.

When religion is of the mind it does not touch the soul.

Then religion becomes an exertion, a duty, a utility, and a weapon to acquire power and wealth.

Such religion makes us arrogant, suspicious, distant, hostile and destructive. None of these qualities can create a better human nor a better humanity. This is the religion created by men, which many of us know and practice.

Religion of the heart is spirituality, religion of the mind is politics.

The choice is ours. To experience the wonder of creation or to know the cunning of man.

Religion, know it less, experience it more



You can listen to some of the hymns from Gurbani as sung by Bhai Kuldeep Singh ji (of Amritsar) .

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