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Dreaming of Immortality

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic has incinerated us in our own homes. No matter how bleak, every situation presents opportunities. We now have time to ponder over many things, family, friends, work, love, relationships, viruses, etc. Our thoughts are dominated by questions about life and death, the meaning of our existence, or the lack of it. Modern medicine, diet and rule of law have increased the life span of most humans.Though the quality of life has degraded for many, we remain obsessed with longevity. The main purpose of our lives, has become to try and outrun death, either due to fear of death, or are we trying to be immortal. Can we be immortal?

Are we immortal?

The answer starts with another question, 'Am I a body with a soul, or a soul with a body?' Most of us do not really know, and Man cannot live without knowing. We can either, discover the answer for ourselves or we can ask others. Most of us, do not even question, we simply adopt a belief system. In a belief system, some individuals or institution whom we consider as 'higher authorities', will give us readymade answers on everything. This we simply embrace because it makes life easy and uncomplicated.

There is a difference between the two. While all realisation is divine, all beliefs are human in origin. Knowledge acquired by realisation is called wisdom and that wisdom is unique, it belongs to the one who has awoken to the one who has realised. In belief, there is neither knowledge, nor wisdom, unawakened we just gather a lot of information, follow many rituals and rules. In belief, information is acquired merely by following or copying, hence it is not genuine and we use it as per our convenience. Handed down to humanity through generations, beliefs are constantly being created and modified as is convenient to rulers and priests. After all, it is they, who draw their wealth and power from people who follow these belief systems. Since beliefs are created by humans they tend to be greatly flawed and completely misleading. When we think of ourselves as intelligent beings, why do we blindly accept beliefs? Because by nature we humans tend to be spiritually lazy and mentally too clever. So, what then is the answer?

All that is created will one day perish. This is the golden rule of existence. When we die, what dies, is the body. Since the body and the mind are created, they will one day surely perish. Science, now proves what the Gurus and great Spiritual Masters have always said, 'Everything is mere energy'. Pervading all existence and all things this life energy is called 'Prana'. Our life emerges from 'Prana' and this our soul which is a minuscule manifested energy is part of that universal energy which will never die. This is because energy can't be created nor destroyed, it can only change its form. Thogh nowadays erroneously associated only with Hinduism, the mother of all Indian thought is Sanatana Dharma. (The eternal order). It is the philosophy espoused by seekers of the truth. Whatever was realised, has been formulated by sages and transmitted to humanity. Sanatana Dharma's beauty is it is open to all and welcomes being questioned and modified. It has been constantly challenged but always found unassailable, though it is often reinterpreted. This philosophy does not restrict the human to a body and a mind, therefore each one of us has infinite potential. This approach helps explain the remarkable achievements of ancient India in almost every field of art, culture, literature, philosophy, mathematics, science, technology, etc. I shall cover more about Sanatana Dharma in more detail in another article. In the Sanatana tradition of India, death is called 'Dehe Anth' meaning 'end of body'. We are immortal because our soul is manifest energy, housed within a mortal body. When we realise that, perishing of the body is not death, Fear of death disappears. Thus when my body perishes, my soul will soar away, only to return afresh in another body in another dimension at a different time, for I am immortal.

As the Guru said, "Nothing is mine. All I have is this breath, this moment." When we live each moment with awareness, we realise the limitations of the body and the mind and the immortality of the soul. It is all fine and rosy to speak or write in this manner, but how will we know that this realisation has taken place? When we awaken we will see a transformation in our approach and manner. We will be open, fearless, friendly, compassionate, forgiving, respectful and possess forbearance. This is the natural outcome when we are at peace with ourselves and with all of Creation. We do not have to adopt any 'ism, for they are mere mortal masks on the immortal soul. As we survive each worldly crisis, realisation will dawn on us 'I am not the body nor the mind, I am an immortal soul. I am the Universe and the Universe is me'.


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