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Those, who seek the rose.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Nothing in life is absolute. Everything comes in pairs and opposites.

Day and night, light and darkness, joy and sorrow, sweet with bitter and success always accompanied by some failures.

Those who seek the rose will also get the thorn, whether they want it or not. Therefore those who fear the thorn are unlikely to get the rose.

To seek success is natural. However to succeed one needs to,

1. Study, strategise and plan

2. Make preparations and be adequately resourced

3. Implementing the plan with total commitment.

4. Review constantly during implementation

5. Respond and improvise as needed

Yet many who do this still do not succeed, because they approach matters with fear.

Fearful of getting hurt, fearful of failure, fearful of offending or upsetting someone, fearful of how they will be judged by the world, etc.

Those who are timid, fearful, or corrupt should not be entrusted with responsibility particularly not to lead.


Ref: G0615

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