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To nurture a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

It takes just as much labour and time to do something badly, as it is to do it well. So I always give everything I do, the best I can. The advantage is, if my commitment bears fruit, I am delighted. When my efforts do not deliver the results expected, I am neither angered nor saddened. I have discovered that, when one does something, in fact ,anything with devotion, one is happy. The doing is now, the fruit may come later. When one can evolve and be happy now, why postpone it? Who knows? I might not get the opportunity later. The time to be at peace and be happy, is now. Whether working, organising an event, listening to music or a hymn, playing with our grandsons or tending to a small garden, with this approach, every act becomes laced with satisfaction and joy. The joy in doing is immense. If the effort bears fruit the joy is even greater. 'We have our plans and the Universe has its plans for us, and there is no certainty that the plans will match.' The fruit of our plans and actions are not in our hands, but the doing certainly is. One can live in despair and fear or in peace and hope. No matter what we believe, life will go on with or without us. None, can say what tomorrow will bring. Planting and nurturing a garden is to believe in tomorrow, and hope. So I love, like I shall live forever and devote myself like I am going to die tonight. If I survive, I will enjoy, if I do not, then others will enjoy the fruit of my love and dedication. Either way its a winning situation.


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