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Truth is not attained, it is realised.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The opening up of a 1000 petalled Lotus flower representing the shedding away of all that is untruth, to finally reveal the Truth

'The Truth lies within us'. What did the Gurus and masters mean by that?

What did Jesus mean when he said, "The kingdom of God lies within us"?

Therein lies the answer. God called by a thousand names in numerous language are just another name for the Truth.

Truth is not an acquisition that has to be sought. It is not a goal to be attained.

It is a realisation and an awakening.

If truth cannot be attained, then how is it realised?

To be truly happy and liberated, then to the core of our being we must travel.

Answers, we will not find outside of ourselves, but only within.

We must journey within ourselves. We must abandon all that is not the truth

To travel inwards we must get rid of all that is superfluous to our being. What are these superfluous elements?

Its important note that anything that comes and goes is not us. Our possessions, attachments, desires, and anger, they are things that will come and go. We believe that they are us, but they are not. They are mere acquisitions. These are the things that will not permit us to journey within ourselves.

Then there is the ego, the 'I'.

As long as the 'I' exists, it inhibits us from discovering the truth. When we let go of the ego as the Guru explains, the truth is realised not by seeking but by letting go. This is because we do not enter the divine, but make ourselves open to let the divine emerge from within us.

Hence the symbol of Truth is represented by the 1000 petalled lotus. Each petal as it opens represents the unfurling of a falsehood and an untruth shedding away.

What are the falsehoods that we pursue to arrive at the Truth?

Rote learning of scriptures, rituals, pilgrimages, mere muttering of prayers, endless intellectual discussions and debates about the truth, contemplation, patronising charity, pursuit of power, influence, wealth, lust, anger attachments, ego, tolerance etc.

What are the pathways to realise the truth?

We cannot find these pathways by our seeking.

As the Guru says, "Sat Sri Akal" meaning 'Truth is God'. Just be truthful in every thought, and action. Work, live, play and meditate truthfully.

The pathways to the Divine, the Truth automatically emerges when we are truthful.

We will know that it is the right path when we become compassionate, friendly, loving natural, and develop not a tolerance but respect for all people, all creatures, all things, in fact all of existence.


Once upon a time I was young, very successful, had significant wealth, socially busy and a member of a large family. Then over a few years everything simply fell apart and slipped away.

I became a pauper, only my wife, sons and a handful of individuals stood by me. I became socially undesirable. This entire world was too small a place for me to retreat into.

Wallowing in self pity, I developed an intense negativity about everyone, everything and life itself. When this happens, at first one is seized with incredible rage, wanting to unleash destruction on all and sundry. I came to appreciate, how mass murderers were created. Thankfully this insane phase ebbed away as I lacked the time and resources to give effect to the entities that had brutalised my being.

I had to survive, so like a drowning man I struggled and I struggled, but to little avail.

I met with people and institutions who I believed had the power to make all my problems go away. They had the necessary placebo effect on me.

Though my actions were directed outwards, my thoughts flowed inwards, constantly contemplating. Nothing exhausts a man more than negative thoughts and all this blame game was consuming me still further.

Nothing in our lives is useless, all that contemplation worked as a catharsis. I realised that unless we expel all the negativity within us, there is little or no scope for the positive to enter our being.

I concluded that I alone was responsible for my situation and there was no worldly solution to my anguish.

When all worldly doorways shut , there is always one doorway, the spiritual which opens to the true seeker.

Eventually I surrendered to the force that moves the stars and the planets. The energy that gave life to each being and the mystical power that makes events unfold. I realised the Truth, which is called by a million names in a thousand languages as God.

The doorway lay in my own being, where the little drop I was merged into the infinitely vast ocean of God. I found that through silence, then meditation.

When one surrenders, the fight goes out of us, we are emptied of everything. Emptied of all emotion, all thought, all desire all wants and needs.

The less I seek the emptier I become. I am attaining nothing yet I am awakening and realising the infinite.


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3 commentaires

Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh
20 févr. 2020

Thank you


Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh
19 févr. 2020

Thank you, Sudhir ji


Gurvinder ji, very true. I am fully with you. Thanks for this article.

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