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Why do I write and blog?

A friend asked me, "Why do you write?"

A good question, because I never really thought about it.

This is human nature at work. We always act on instinct and then analyse later on. I suppose its 'later on' time now.


Well, why do I write and speak?

With ups and downs, my life has been like a roller coaster ride. I am grateful, that my life been made richer, more interesting and better because of the contribution of many people, some still living and many more of those who preceded me.

If I have received, I too must give values, knowledge, wisdom, love etc. to try and make it better for those who will follow us.

The question is how do we share it, so that it enriches the lives of others?

Successful families, societies, and civilisations are like forests where each generation is like an individual set of trees, drawing strength and support of the ever expanding and rich foundational root system, of knowledge, wisdom, values, etc. of preceding generations, which are thousands of years old.

No tree can rise without strong roots. Some roots are deep and others are widespread.*

Where exactly does the wisdom and experiences of previous generations reside?

In todays world where change is occurring rapidly above the ground, we often forget these root systems that are below the ground.

Computers and technology provide great memory and processing, using artificial intelligence even 'expert systems', but they cannot provide consciousness and communion which only humans can provide.

Actually the greatest amount of knowledge, skills, and communion lies in the mind and heart of every being.

Yet when people reach a particular age or stage in life, we retire them etc. in essence we simply discard them. Thus each succeeding generation has to virtually restart from the beginning and reinvent the wheel each time. There is little continuity of the past into the future, much of it precious.

Just like no tree can grow big and strong without having strong roots, so it is with knowledge, wisdom and experience. No society can truly prosper by discarding its own roots and heritage. They may even rise quickly but collapse just as quickly.

That is the point of experience. Experience is not what happens to us, but what we learn and do with what happens to us. Our experiences place us at a precipice. Our mistakes and failures can plunge us into a deep abyss or we can let the learning and wisdom enable us soar upwards to great heights and success.

Looking at my own life, I realise that, I have learnt and experienced an incredible amount, in ways that very few people could even in several lifetimes. As a living encyclopaedia of mistakes, I am mostly an authority on 'how not to do things' and that helps me to do the right things and to do them right.

People are mortal but knowledge and wisdom are immortal and ever expanding.

There are millions of people in this world who can contribute so much to a better humanity but we often fail to take advantage of their wisdom and learning.

I often asked myself, 'How best do we extract that immortal wisdom, experiences and learning which lies in the hearts and minds of individuals and societies and pass it on to others in this and future generations?'

So I created a platform called 'Guru Wonder' to capture, transmit and enhance the quality of learning and life of both myself and others. I seek to share experiences, learning and wisdom of everyone who can possibly add value to humanity.

Even a 1000 km journey has to start with the first step. So I began writing and sharing my own learning and experiences (800 articles over past 5 years). Not surprisingly I am getting back more wisdom and learning than I am sharing.

My 3C approach of Connection, Communication and Communion with my readers, audiences, students and clients has not only been exciting and educative it has led to the continuous expansion of my circle of friends and teachers.


* Take the example of the Redwood forests of California, they have the tallest trees in the world averaging 92 metres (300 ft) in height. Surprisingly they have roots only 2 metres deep (6 ft) but they fuse with other roots of other redwood trees upto a distance of 30 metres (100 ft) to be the most resilient and great forests in the world.

_ps. Maasai Imai of Kaizen fame, explained how, Toyota Motors of Japan devastated by World War II, in a very short time become the most successful automotive company in the world. One of the key lessons was the capture, retention and sharing of learning and knowledge acquired by individuals and groups to manifest itself as institutional knowledge._

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