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Disciple or Follower?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Wherever you go, you see people not only talking about religion, but imposing themselves on others and shoving it into the face of others.

Religion was always meant to be a path. A path to become loving, peaceful, happy, and even blissful. It has however achieved anything but this state of being.

Most of us are put on a religious path at birth, as we follow our elders. They pass on many good thoughts and without intending to pass on some harmful, and many confusing ones too.

Each one of us is a sovereign individual or soul. However due to intellectual and spiritual laziness most of us choose not to do anything about this great truth, preferring to chose bondage over freedom. We just lay claim to and squat on our allotted paths of religion.

Follow me. I will show you the light

Shouldn't we, at least be honest with oneself? Should we not be asking ourselves, "If I am on this path, am I making any progress?"

Am I with the mob, merely following them? Or am I a disciple, making progress in becoming a better being?"

There is a big difference between being a follower and being a disciple.

A disciple is an awakening individual, a work in progress. A follower is finished even before he or she has started.

A disciple is curious, open minded and humble. A follower is close minded and arrogant.

A disciple focuses on his ignorance, constantly expanding his or her potential.

A follower focuses on his limited knowledge and grows stale.

Like all beings, a follower, is born pure and perfect, but rather than realise their full potential constantly shrivels.

A follower is happy to be a prisoner, feeling secure within his or her boundaries of a mob, a dogma and rituals. A disciple has no boundaries yet feels secure in his or her constant expansion.

Unfortunately, now we seek,

  • Not Masters but priests and preachers.

  • Not the divine but man made institutions of religions, the Church, the Mosque, and the Temple.

  • Not teachings but dogma.

  • Not meaning but mere words.

  • Not values, but rules that stifle and deaden the mind and soul.

Its Christmas, millions of followers across the world will celebrate the birth of the great master 'Jesus'. Its a different matter that there will not be many disciples.

I send you greetings on this Christmas day.

Maybe its a good time to reaffirm, to be a disciple not a follower.

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1 Comment

Amir Lakhani
Amir Lakhani
Dec 28, 2018

I have always called myself a follower of H.H.THE AGAKHAN but in my heart I have always been a disciple. Thanks for the clarification.

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