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Every child is an Artist

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Life is energy. An artist is able to sense, capture and express this energy of life in myriad ways.

By and by our senses dull because of many reasons. Our preoccupation with becoming rich, famous and powerful. Our monotonous lives, The death of wonder by the acquisition of excessive knowledge and the resulting egoistic intellectualism.

The drudgery of servitude to ideologies of religion, politics, and communities. The harassment by government bureaucracies, and thugs. The exploitation on the basis of caste, colour, religion and race. The life sapping of forced relationships.

Children are usually unburdened by all these forces, remain the greatest artists.

I find that my creativity and happiness, stems from my remaining childlike in my curiousity and innocence. Remaining as natural and easy as possible while taking responsibility for myself and my actions.

The Challenge is to stop society, organised religion and mass education from destroying the artist within you when you grow up.


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