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No advantage, if you do not read.

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

"The individual who can but does not read, has no advantage over the individual who is illiterate"

~ Gurvinder Singh

Success is dependant on many factors, and is different for each individual. However there are certain traits that seems to be common for most successful people.

One of the important commonality factors is that success people be they leaders in Business, Military, Social, Political or Religious they are voracious readers. This is because they have a huge craving to learn.

Successful people do most things differently and they rely greatly on their inherent capacity and capabilities. They try to be as self reliant as possible, and almost alway to the point of being judged as difficult to regiment and control.

This craving for learning is like eating what one wants, when one wants it, when one is hungry. So they prefer self learning and one of the best ways to self learn is to read.

Reading is more effective because. pace of learning is calibrated to the reader's pace. It allows the reader to pause, giving time to reflect and mull.

While one can argue that video and audio visual are more impactful and provide greater understanding, in my opinion long term retention and is much lower than does reading.

Reading provides a deeper penetration in the person's psyche and can influence lasting and an evolving change.

If one treats success as a battle that has to be waged and won, because one works towards conquering goals, then one has to be fore-armed. And the greatest weapon for achieving success is information, knowledge and reflection, which primes the individual for action. This is why reading is an essential skill to succeed.


From my seminar on 'Achieving Success'

Success is made up of many ingredients, awareness and approach are two traits that can be developed.

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