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Not tonight darling, I’m dead.

Updated: May 18, 2019

Female moorland hawker dragonflies freeze mid-air, crash to the ground, and lie motionless when faced with aggressive males.

This happens also in certain other cases of spiders etc.

Human sexuality is also an important aspect for our happiness. Sex is a natural and important biological drive essential for the survival of our species. To condemn what is perfectly natural and deem sex as dirty and a sin, leads to frustration.

This suppression of body and emotional needs drives individuals and groups to behave in a perverted and violent manner.

Sex is an essential ingredient to a strong relationship in a pair bond. It is one of those magical things that helps keep us happy.

However as important as it may be, after a particular age and phase, sex is not that important , if at all. To keep on pursuing sex as a demonstration of power and wealth by males and manipulation by females is actually a sign of unhappiness.

Sex cannot substitute for respect, friendship, love and care.


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