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Style is not substance

Rahul Gandhi the president of the Indian National Congress party led his party to another humiliating election defeat.

What are the management and life lessons one can learn. Rahul belongs to the Nehru -Gandhi political dynasty. Like many other scions of dynasties he got the job of president of the 134 year old political party without possessing any political experience, leadership skills, and lacking a vision for both the country and the party he wants to lead.

However with a mother who is considered one of the wealthiest women in the world, there have been no shortage of advisors and coaches to help him draft manifestos, draft speeches, arrange rallies, temple visits, interviews, photo shoots etc. They have tried very hard to brush up Rahul's image to try and convince the people that Rahul is the right leader.

This great effort by families to impose incompetent, unprepared people lacking in vision and passion in positions of strategic and managerial leadership of organisations is certain to lead to the organisation to ruin.

Leadership actually demands hard work, passion, responsibility constant learning, awareness of the organisation, the people involved and the challenges the organisation and the mission faces.

If the successor does not possess the requisite qualities in a private business, it is their family concern. However when one is in public office or an organisation in which others have a stake, it is matter of public concern and should not be accepted by stakeholders.


From my seminar on 'Achieving Success'

Success is made up of many ingredients, awareness and approach are two traits that can be developed.

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