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The Boss is always right

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

It was in 1502 C.E. that the egotistic mayor of Florence (Italy), Piero Soderini was under great pressure.

He had appointed a novice to work on a giant piece of beautiful marble to make a sculpture under his guidance.

Typical of many bosses Soderini had overestimated his own capabilities and by drilling a big hole in the middle of the block of marble, Soderini and the novice had ruined it.

Soderini had to find a solution, and finally commissioned Michelangelo to do a sculpture . Michelangelo agreed and using the available shape decided to sculpt a young David with a sling in his hand.

A few weeks later as the statue was finished, Soderini came to see the sculpture for himself. Soderini was pleased with what he saw. However like many patrons and bosses Soderini had to impose his ideas and have the last word. Soderini instructed Michelangelo to change the shape of the nose because it was too big.


In addition to the boss at work, there are usually 4 additional bosses who must be satiated. They are customers, parents, teachers, and spouse (partner).

Bosses generally tend to have big egos, and they are always keen to demonstrate their power. Exerting undue pressure bosses like to poke their noses and interfere in every activity but never take responsibility for outcomes.

Whether one obeys or disobeys there is bound to be trouble. Conflict with a boss complicates life and it never ends well.

Let the boss also share the taste of success. One has to use tact to make the boss feel he or she is right and yet we must be true to oneself.


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