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George Sorrows, the Devil with delusions of being a god

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

When people come into money no matter how they earn it, their next goal is always more power, in fact absolute power.

George Soros an intelligent, cunning and ruthless man has a stated net wealth of about US 60 billion. He has invested about US$ 32 billion through his Open Societies Foundation to acquire not companies but entire countries which will in turn enhance his power and wealth.

Soros made his money by gambling (speculating). HIs first victory was on his attack on the British Pound in 1975 driving its value down. In the bargain making an astronomical 20 billion pounds in a very short time for his employers and collecting a billion pounds (5%) as his commission fees. Soros's fantastic gamble reinforced his early childhood belief that he was a god destined to change and conquer the world.

Soros's strategy for absolute power is to disguise himself as a philanthropist by paying the media to spin the narrative of Soros as a noble being.

In reality Soros is in the business of making money by manufacturing destruction. He should more appropriately be called 'George Sorrows' for the amount of trouble and anguish that he causes in societies across the world.

Why is he focussed on destruction of societies, civilisations, infrastructure etc.?

Destruction provides more opportunity to a vulture than prosperity. Pickings are easy, even ridiculously cheap.

What is Soros's strategy?

Disrupt, divide, disintegrate, dissolve and conquer.

History has revealed that breakup and destruction of societies occurs rarely from the outside except in the end of a period where a society first breaks from the inside.

So what is it that breaks within? They are the things and factors that unite and bind a country and its society.

So first disrupt all institutions of government, society, so that there exist only individuals shallow in character and commitment but deluded about their power to sow and contribute to anarchy. Infuse large numbers of illegal immigrants and inhibit their assimilation into the host society.

Focus on race, gender, class, etc. to anger and divide, grant as many undeserved and unworthy rights and privileges as possible to the masses without demanding a proportionate shouldering of responsibilities. Roused and angry a divided society is easy to break up and conquer.

In totalitarian societies as in theocracies, dictatorships, communist regimes etc. the voice and opinion of the masses can be ignored by the ruling classes, but in democracies opinion of every Ram, Tariq and Harry matters, therefore the push for uncontrolled democracies.

This is why so called 'democracy' is their preferred approach. Even a simple majority is adequate and disproportionate power always lies in the hands of the fringe element even a small one that can tilt favour in one group or the other. Thus the tail wags the dog and the petty force comes to rule the country indirectly.

This is why Soros drive is to destroy any form of nationalism, or institution and people of authority replacing them with an army of faceless bureaucrats that can be individually purchased, manipulated, blackmailed and controlled unlike nationalist or authoritarian leaders.

Soros an informer for the Nazi regime during his younger years in Hungary has been found to be so destructive and toxic that he and his Open Societies Foundation has been banned in numerous countries, even in his native Hungary.

Unfortunately former Indian regimes have embraced Soros and openly work for him and his opaque mission.

To take over and control a society, conquerors have to first destroy the existing society, its culture, its values and impose upon it an alien culture. So Soros and his minions are focussed primarily on destroying and dismantling the existing and the traditions that have kept united societies.

So vast sums of money and enormous resources are invested in spreading trouble through the media and internet, NGOs, to trigger and sustain civil disturbances, riots, protests, agitations. When all hell has broken loose to engineer a revolution so as to get its handpicked persons into positions of power into government. After that it is easy sailing for Soros.

The returns from their investments in such destructive revolutions then goes into the kitty to fuel further sorrow in new places. As evil as he may be, Soros is useful to governments, business and financial interest, particularly in America and the UK. They use him to attack and bring down leaders and governments daring to pursue their own national interests.

Soros has been trying to bring down the Indian government for a long time by co-opting corrupt leaders and bureaucrats in power. Now that there is a Nationalist government it is being incessantly being assaulted by Soros, the fist encased in a velvet glove. It has been financing and openly supporting agitations and riots to oppose progressive and secular policies and laws of the government of India. These include the CAA and farmers agitations.

Even cunning and highly resourced men like Soros sometimes get it wrong. Impatient for success in conquest and overconfident of their power and capabilities, Soros had gone straight for India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's jugular hoping to achieve leadership decapitation and effect a regime change.

PM Modi is no pushover and neither is Indian society. Modi is not an easy person to like, but a leaders is not judged by being liked but how much he is respected by the people and feared by his enemies and adversaries both personally and internationally.

It is only a matter of a little time, but this conflict between Soros along with his son and the current Indian leadership, will see Open Societies Foundation day being shown the exit door from India. This only after bruising Soros and crushing the plans of Soros's henchmen and co-conspirators.


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Written and posted : September 2023: Gurvinder Singh

You can also view the article and comment at: linkedin

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