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Are they insane?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

"And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music…."

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Great spiritual beings and geniuses of all types have revealed to humanity that, the universe and the divine are not to be found somewhere outside and far away, but within ourselves.

These great beings have been able to reach deep down within themselves, within their own souls to draw out from the universe its mysteries and wonders and share it with the world.

Each individual one of us, is capable of hearing the music of the universe and dance with its rhythm. Many of us care to, but rarely do we dare to, because our mind and behaviour is constrained by society.

Each society or culture is composed of various distinct layers. It is a human creation which permits coexistence amongst individuals, groups and strata. This is primarily driven by religion and the rulers acting through what we can call the State. Society exists solely to keep its members together and members as identical as possible.

Society and State by their nature are rigid and demand that its wants take precedence over individual needs. That is why anyone who expresses a view or behaves differently from that of 'Society' is inevitably isolated, condemned and punished. Other individuals take note of the cost of non conformance and fall in line. This helps explain why societies evolve so slowly. The exceptions being wars or peaceful mass migrations which trigger a large influx of outsiders into a society.

All societies draw the individual away from his or her inner journey, inhibiting the quest for self discovery and evolution. In a sense we become senseless.

Some fortunate individuals however sense and hear the music of creation. They awaken, they speak, sing and dance to the rhythm of life, creation. They and the universe become one. Seemingly insane such beings care little for what society thinks.

We too can dance, but for that we must lose our fear of being different.


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0476

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