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Updated: May 17, 2022

Conversations about stress and de-stressing, seem to dominate our lives.

To talk about stress has become a fashionable but necessary need.

First thing to appreciate is that not all stress is bad. Without some stress we would not even be alive, an excess of stress incapacitates us. Too little or too much stress over a period of time can kill us.

For a person to admit that he or she is not stressed is often considered an admission of non striving and the hallmark of a non-achiever. It might very well be that the individual is performing at his or her peak capacity.

Simply put we are all 'energy beings', a concentration of energy manifested in a body, and mind. And we know that energy can not be created nor destroyed, energy only transforms as it moves through the universe and our individual lives.

Energy is generated within us as it comes from our physical and intellectual diet and our environment. This energy therefore has to find an outlet. Too few the outlets and demands of this energy causes it to rise within us corroding and destroying us from within. Too great the demands from the individual being than what the body can generate strains and ever threatens our very existence.

Our ideal world and existence lies within these two extremes of 'Rust Out' and 'Burn Out'. Between too little an outlet to too extreme a demand.

At one end is 'boredom' which is the desire for desires. It is the seeking of application of mind and body towards some application of our manifest energies. To avoid Rust Out, we seek to just be engaged, to want to feel alive, to feel useful, wanted, loved and a being, ideology, an idea be able to shower our energies on.

Boredom is what drives us to extreme, ridiculous and even dangerous behaviour.

At the other hand it is the desire to chuck out excess demands of our energy. So excessive that it strains our being almost to breaking point. This is called 'Burn Out'. That is why people go berserk on holidays, and weekends.

During the weekdays, it's even worse, we indulge ourselves in some addictions, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and a whole host of stimulants that will help numb us to accept our situation while providing us temporary energy to make it through the week and our lives.

Life and work balance is nothing but the functioning at an optimal level where we can perform at our very best over a ling period of time.

Please stay tuned to my webpage and social platforms for tips and suggestions on how to achieve life and work balance.


Excerpts from my upcoming book ~ 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

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