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Where is the Wisdom we have lost in living?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Where is the Life we have Lost in Living?

Where is the Wisdom we have lost in Knowledge?

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

~ TS Eliot

A unique aspect of information is that, the raw material, the process and the final product are all the same, information. Information combines with other bits of information mixing and blending to provide new information. This helps explain why we have a continuing explosive growth of information, which is continuously increasing both in quantum and complexity.

Many of us have crossed the threshold of information overload. There is so much overload that our levels of comprehension and absorption are decreasing rapidly. The information makes little or no sense. Even when we succeed in wrapping our minds around the information, its already obsolete.

Like food, information has to be digested to be of any use. Too much food and the body rejects it. Continue with overfeeding it and the body will one day collapse. Information is food for the mind. Too hard or too much to digest and the mind trips. Excess information often kills knowledge.

Simplicity not complexity, less not more is the answer.

An obvious human trait, 'when the stomach is empty we have only one problem. When the stomach is full we have numerous problems.'

Data is not information, Information is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom.

Breathing and existing or simply acquiring things and relationships is not living and just living is not Life.

Then arises a profound question, 'What then is life?'

I don't know. Do you?


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0446

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